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Established in 2003 provides their clients with an exciting approach to solving their creative design needs. Our service is well respected in the art community and we build relationships with each indivdual client. Our company started from educating the Sandy Springs-Dunwoody and Metro Atlanta areas in the web base business field and has grown to a company that creates branding. Some of the services that we provide are building websites, marketing campaigns and promotional materials...

A twenty-five year old graphic designer who began creating art at the age of seven while he was growing up in Goldsboro, North Carolina. In 2003, he decided to study graphic design at Saint Mary’s of Minnesota and later received his Bachelors in fine arts at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Many different people and places influence his design style. Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh are two artists that he is inspired by. 

While attending school along with playing college basketball for three of the four years he grew into the influential designer that he is today. Art is subjective and cannot be judged through one perspective. “I have always been able to express myself through art and design. My main mission is: to raise awareness about the art community and its many facets in hopes of helping others realize the impact of art on their respected fields. I would like to help others express themselves through art and design”.

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Our Mission

In search of the latest in design and fine art community? Look no further, King Popular Design has a list of designer and fine artist. We specialize in enhancing business and personal lives with great design. Do you need an updated look for your new or existing business marking materials or overall interior décor? Well King Popular Design is the company for you. Take a quick look at some of our designs both fine art and marketing material to get a feel for our firm’s wide range of design styles. If we’re what you need for success please contact us at

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