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Duke Ellington

Jazz Great Collection from King Pop Brown Period

During the brown period King Pop began each painting by layering the canvas with different hues of brown. The technique that he used enriched his color choice and created a 3-D affect.

Each of these limited edition canvas and fine art prints can be ordered by contacting 919.394.7615 or emailing royalflush@kingpopulardesign.com or visiting one of our retails located in the Metro Atlanta Area......Discover Mills Mall....Allied Visions....

Each painting has a flat rate fee for each size:

Canvas Prints-

Size 16 in x 20 in $250.00

Size 24 in x 36in $375.00

Fine Art Paper Prints-

Size 11 in x 14in $25.00

Size 11 in x 17in $45.00

Size 16 in x 20in $65.00

Size 24in x 36in $95.00

Other Sizes and formats available upon request

Billie Holiday

Charlie Parker




Louis Armstrong

Miles Davis